Timehop – A blast from your social media past

So, I found this gem quite some time back and I have been enjoying it ever since. It actually started with me using the now defunct service Memolane for receiving short updates about what I did 1 year ago on different social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Status updates with or without pictures where sent to my email as quick reminders about what was going on “back in the day” (is one year enough for being called that? ;)).

Timehop website screenshot

When Memolane stopped their service they recommended a couple of similar applications and Timehop was one of them.While the idea is the same, Timehop feels like it brings the concept to the mobile platform. In areas where Memolane focused on presenting a pretty, detailed and web based time line Timehop will give you a push notification as in “hey, remember what you did today, exactly one year ago?” and then present these updates in a smaller more mobile interface.

A screenshots of Timehop on the iPhone.At first Timehop focused on the basic online services such as Facebook and Twitter but they now also support Flickr, Foursquare and Instagram. Alongside this they recently added many new possibilities when it comes to sharing your old updates and chat with friends that where tagged in a specific photo for example, which is good fun, but not something I use a lot.

Does it sound basic? It is a very basic concept, but it is also very effective and it sends you on a mental journey back to that time, which obviously can be both positive and negative depending on your status when you posted the update.

While obviously this is very online focused they just recently added the possibility to show images from your camera roll in your phone, so older pictures will pop-up in your timeline as well. This for me adds more depth, as I take A LOT of mobile pictures only a very small percentage is used online. So getting to see those photos that I back then decided where of inferior quality to post on my Flickr account is quite fun.

Today they only offer an iPhone app and no Android or Windows Phone alternative. Earlier you could circumvent this lack of multi-platform support to a certain extent by reading the email updates that where sent to you, however, they seem to have stopped with the regular updates and now just send irregular reminders, something that has upset quite a lot of users.

All in all, install it, wait, and enjoy an unexpected trip down memory lane!

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