My current top 5 podcasts with a bonus

1. Question of the Day (Earwolf)

Question of the Day Podcast LogoShort and funny show where Stephen Dubner (of Freakonomics fame) and James Altucher (first time encounter for me) often discuss every day questions from life (which is synonymous with Quora these days it seems). Good wholesome fun. 🙂




2. Serial (WBEZ Chicago)

Serial Podcast Logo

Investigative journalism where reporter Sarah Koenig digs deeper into the killing in 1999 of a Baltimore County high-school girl. Right now I’m at the end of season one and I’m enjoying it. Got to admit, at first I thought it was fictional, the fact it isn’t of course adds so much more depth. Prepare to become hooked.




3. Codebreaker (Marketplace)

Codebreaker Podcast Logo

In season 1 the on-going question for each episode is “Is it Evil?”. Each episode handles one subject, everything from internet porn, the dark web to data tracking and even e-mail, trying to find out if it is evil or not. Interviews and many interesting views on the subject are presented, making it hard to really decide, Is it Evil or not?



4. Marketplace All-In-One News (Marketplace)

Marketplace all-in-one logo

World news within tech, finance, politics etc. This particular podcast gathers Marketplace’s news into one episode, they are also available separately. I basically stopped watching news from the regular big TV networks due to a sense of being exposed to a lot of biased reports and not trusting what I saw (more on this in a later article). Now I read, listen and learn with a broader perspective instead. In this show I get some of the daily on-goings in the world and it feels genuine enough, plus the staff reporting it have an easy-going vibe and some humour.


5. Freakonomics

Freakonomics How much does your name matterA Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything. For me a classic podcast that also got me reading the books (I can recommend Freakonomics and Super Frekonomics). Stephen Dubner (also featured in the number one spot here) and Steven Levitt tackle questions and problems of the world from an economists perspective. Prepare yourself for laughs and some subjects that serve as excellent conversation starters such as: “Do More Expensive Wines Taste Better?,” “Is College Really Worth It?,” and “How Much Does the President of the U.S. Really Matter?”.


And a bonus which has potential (I’m just three episodes in):

*. The Message

The Message Podcast logoA sci-fi podcast following a team of cryptography consultants decrypting a message of extraterrestrial origin. As I mentioned I just started so I’m not sure where this is going, but the premise sounds good.

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