List of iPhone voice commands, iOS4

iPhone Voice Control
A list of voice commands for the iPhone and iOS4.

The other night it struck me that a voice command for telling me what time it is would be really neat for the iPhone. Since I use a headset most of the day and sometimes it is a hassle picking up the phone to check the time (when driving etc) and a command like this would make my life much easier.

I started my search in Cydia for a solution. The reason I started in this end and not in the App Store is the fact that I have recently added really cool apps that according to me should come standard with the phone, but they aren’t available through the App Store. I got an app that actually tells you who is calling and who is mailing you, for example now it says “Call from Erik Rudling” before the ring signal. Extremely convenient when headset bound, now I know not to answer with my company and full name when friends or family calls, it always sounded a bit odd.

So I searched and I searched (always a bit hard to know what to search for) but couldn’t find anything. Then I bumped into a site that listed the voice commands for the iPhone and to my surprise the command “What time is it” has been in the iOS since 4.0! Alot of extra work for something that was already there. Anyway, hopefully saving you or someone else having to go through the same trouble I did, here’s a list of voice commands for the iPhone:

Source: ATMac

iPhone Voice Control Cheat Sheet v2.0

Starting Voice Control
Hold home button or headset middle button for about 2 seconds, you?ll
hear a double beep and the voice control feature shows on screen.

Phone Commands

  • “Call”/“dial” plus name or nickname from address book. May need to add phone number type, such as “home”, “work”, “mobile”. “Call John Smith Mobile”.
  • “Call”/“Dial” plus the number. “Dial 555 9592”.

Music Commands

  • “Play”/“Play music”.
  • “Play playlist” plus playlist name. “Play playlist gym songs”.
  • “Play album” plus album name. “Play album The Wall”.
  • Play artist” plus artist name. “Play artist Pink Floyd”.
  • “Pause”/“Pause music”.
  • “Next song”.
  • “Previous song”.
  • “Shuffle”.
  • “Genius”/“Play more like this”/“Play more songs like this”.
  • “What?s playing?” (general information)
  • “What song is this”, “Who sings this song”, or “Who is this song by” (specific information).

Misc Commands

  • “What is the time?”/”What time is it?”
  • “Not that one”/“Wrong”/“Nope”/“No”/“Not that”.
  • “Cancel”/”Stop” (exit voice control)
  • “Help”
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