Is typing just as effective for learning as writing by hand? Erik thinks not…

So this question has been intriguing me lately, is typing as effective when it comes to learning and memorizing as it is writing by hand? For me the answer is clear, it is not, as soon as I write and take notes by hand, it tends to stick in my short term memory and the transportation from there to long term just seems to be more of a smooth ride. I create images in my mind of the notes I take, associations are easier to make and BAM, I got it….most of the times at least.

If you have followed and read my articles for a while you know that I have made the transition to digital note taking, I use no more paper and no more ink or led it’s all in my iPad, up in the cloud and wherever I want it really. I like this, just because it is very close to the old way of taking notes. Anyway, enough rambling, here’s the quote from Quora, enjoy and WHAT IS YOUR OPINION? Give me your straight up answers. Later.

Is typing just as effective for learning as writing by hand?

Personally, writing helps me remember tasks and key points from lectures and meetings easier. It is not only the process of writing things down but also the possibility to sketch and make illustrations which makes it easier to make associations and to recollect later. Even just the text is stored as images (more so than digital text) in my mind which also assists in remembering.
If you still have the ambition to work digitally, making your notes and scribbles accessible from anywhere you might be interested in a project I initiated a couple of years ago.  I went from using pen and paper to complete digital note taking. Taking notes using a stylus, not the built in keyboard takes some getting used to. But after about one or two weeks of practice (there is quite a differences between analog and digital pen on paper / screen) it works really good. I’m not going back anytime soon.

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