Installed Google +1, realized it doesn’t work with Google Apps

Google +1 Logo BlueI’ve always been a bit confused when it comes to some services not working with Google Apps accounts. Take my Google profile that I had to fix with a separate “private” Google account just because I couldn’t log in using my Google Apps account that is associated with my business.

Why? It seems to be such a small thing to make the profile page work with Google Apps, it’s not like it is a technical marvel integrated with 20+ advanced services. It’s just a profile page with links and images.

So anyway today I decided to install the +1 button from Google and went with the Plus One plugin for WordPress. All seems good so far even though I would have wished for some more alignment options in the plugin (yes I know I can do it myself). So when trying out the plugin by clicking on the +1 icon it I am presented with the following:

Oops… you need a Google profile to use this feature. Google Profiles is not available for your organization.

Oops is right. Never mind me trying to +1 my own site (I know I should be ashamed! But I wanted to start a positive trend! ;)) I just can’t +1 any site since I have a Google Apps account. So here we go:

Please @Google and @GoogleApps stop punishing me for having a Google Apps account, atleast move over your less technically advanced services so I can use them. Thanks, bye bye now!

Oh, by the way, +1 my site for me, please?

(I can’t +1 yours yet though, but if I could I would and when I can I will!)

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  • Google have some very strange ways of doing things: I have two email addresses which were both linked to one google account on one of them, but now I have two google accounts which I have to endlessly sign in and out of because docs sent to one do not appear in the other when they are linked and multiple-sign-on does not work with docs!

    If only I didn’t love them so much I might move… but alas…

  • @MattieTK Hey Mattie, thanks for commenting! Yeah I got some other horror stories with conflicting Gmail and Apps accounts aswell. :/ Regarding multiple accounts and Google Docs: I got multiple sign-in working with different Google Apps domains. I can work with separate Google Docs accounts here, or did I misunderstand? Could it be because you have “non” apps accounts? Or something you can configure perhaps? Ping google

  • @ErikRudling yeah this is just a forwarding address that I linked to my current gmail account as a ‘mask’ for gmail, I wanted documents coming into that to be linked to the google account it itself was linked with but no dice, fresh google account or nothing. πŸ™ Thanks for taking a moment to have a think ^^

  • I really wanted to +1 your site, but I can’t as I also use Google Apps πŸ™

    Google has just announced Google+ project – which also does not work for us Apps users.

  • @Rafa?Sz Hi, yeah I really don’t see where the problem lies, would be great with a comment from google because now they run two separate lines of services. One for “private” accounts with +1 and Google+ Project for example and the other being Google Apps were many of the private services don’t work. Why not stop differentiating between private accounts and apps accounts, we all log in the same…Thanks for wanting to +1 my site though. πŸ˜‰

  • ?We’ve been discussing this for some time at In particular, the last update is this may come to google apps “in the coming months”:!topic/google-plus-discuss/o9Tn_H85gkg/discussion This is frustrating, since a couple months ago we were told it would be “a few weeks”

  • @gehrehmee Thanks for the links, joined that group! It’s spot on, I’m promoting Google Apps, but broken promises like next week, in a month etc do make it harder than it has to be. It’s in this area and general customer support I think that they must improve to stand up against Microsoft and similar.

  • I have the same frustrations all the time and now with Google +. I did hear that Google + was going to have separate business accounts available soon so maybe they will integrate the business apps at the same time.. hopefully.

  • @kwitmer Someone actually “accidentally” managed to log in to Google+ using Google Apps, which should mean that they are working on it (as they have been saying). πŸ™‚ Story here:

  • I would +1 your site but I only have a Google Apps Account. I dont get this at all Facebook is for personal stuff, LinkedIn is the professionals equivalent. Google has a chance here to take them both on and …. doh. I love my Google Apps but I dont want another profile, my Google Apps profile is me – work, friends and community. I have enough to manage without starting another profile just so I can +1. If I was Google I would have given +1 to my paying customers first…. I dont get them sometimes. I think they got so big they forget what some of their other teams are doing and they no longer have a co-ordinated approach to anything.

  • @dnoller Agree with you here, lack of coordination and focus, they are too busy acting on every new trend, they forget to make it work properly. Then again, maybe thatΒ΄s why many people are with them, for the cool new stuff… Let’s hope we’re close to a solution soon!

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