I have earned my first cup of coffee through Google Adsense

As I have mentioned previously I am writing the articles here partly for slightly egoistic reasons, for me to have something to look back upon as a resource, but perhaps mostly for you guys. If I can help you make better informed decisions when choosing what type of software or service to go for without having to go through page after page of link farms then I am happy.

Erik earns his first cup of coffee through erikrudling.com!
19.53 Swedish crowns or about 3USD / 2EUR, this sites first AdSense earnings.

That being said I do have advertisements from Google Adsense in the right column —> out of the way and not very intrusive and also in the middle of the articles. I am doing this mostly out of curiosity and to find out how monetizing works (making money on your website).

A cup of coffee with a view from Tradecenter, Halmstad in the background...
Since the AdSense account has to exceed 700SEK before it is paid out I will continue to brew my own coffee. 😉

I added the Quick Adsense plugin to my WordPress administration allowing me to select where I want to place the ads on the site and also choose if I want a certain ad format to appear at a specific location on the site. So far it seems nice and easy to use!

Another plugin which I use is the Google Adsense Dashboard. This one displays my daily earnings on the dashboard when you log in to the administration panel in WordPress. Even though mine usually says that I have earned zero dollars, I can imagine it being a nice addon for sites with more traffic.

Today I decided to visit the AdSense account after quite some time away from it and turns out you guys just bought me a cup of coffe, there was about 3USD / 2EUR in accumulated earnings. Thanks, I appreciate it! I’ll make sure to let you know when you bought me a cold beer, that will be my next milestone!

Thanks for the coffee and greetings from a warm Swedish west coast!

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  • Congrats on making some money with Google adsense. It is an hard way to make money online but once you figure it out its a great thing.

  • Making money with an adsense web site isn’t a difficult task. All that’s essential is a good site and a desire to work to kick up the traffic. When it comes to making money off Google’s ad program, traffic is the key.

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