I added a Yelp widget + more sharing options

Yelp-Wordpress-WidgetLately I have become a bit more active within the Yelp community. For those of you who don’t know it, Yelp is an online directory that contains restaurants, stores and geographical locations where the community can add their own reviews, photos and tips. Not unlike Trip Advisor which, at least for me, was more well known before discovering Yelp.

What I like about Yelp is that the community is very active and friendly, welcoming new users and arranging events, all in all a bit more personal. Speaking of this I want to give a shout out to Emelie B (read her reviews here) who is the community manager for Yelp Copenhagen and she has been very encouraging! 🙂

Being on the road I have found that the app version of Yelp has helped out a lot when it comes to finding good places to grab a bite to eat or a place to sleep. So I thought why not help others find this gem by mirroring some of my reviews here on my blog and if you’re on there feel free to add me!

You’ll find the Yelp widget on the right hand side just a couple of boxes down.

Also because I haven’t been giving the blog enough attention lately, I’ve fallen a bit behind on adding new ways of sharing posts. So I’ve gone over the sharing options for each post available and decided to add Pinterest to one of the standard options. You’ll find it in the icons below the posts.

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