Happy New Year! – What the future holds


So, that time of the year again huh?

I guess many tend to promise themselves self-improvement, changes in life, new goals etc. Personally, yes, I do look at what I have done during the past year and what my plans are for the next year, but being somewhat on the organised side personality wise I always had a good idea (at least I can tell myself that, being a fan of change I also have a habit off breaking my own patterns) in what direction I am already heading and what I want to do.

Lately I’ve been using the iPad app iThoughtsHD to create mind maps of projects (thanks Marc for the tip!). I can recommend it and will post an article on it in the future.

The past year has been VERY active, a lot of new clients and lots of work and travelling with the business also providing me with the possibility to meet up with old friends on the way. It’s a clichĂ© but time has really flown by. To top that off the last couple of six months I have moved from the small west coast city of Halmstad in Sweden to Copenhagen in Denmark. Since we had our office in Nordhavn in Copenhagen I had the opportunity to work out of our main office there and I seized that opportunity.

For a while that is! The whole office has now been moved to a bigger and fancier building in Birkerød just North of Copenhagen. It provides us with a great opportunity to showcase our digital signage solutions and to expand our business.

As for 2014 I do have quite a lot of plans, some are older projects that have been laying dormant for a while and they need a new suit, but many are new and fresh. As you know I am fascinated with different ways to approach starting up new businesses and make them as streamlined and effective as possible and I started reading more books about different strategies. Some are really good, so I thought I’d try and use this space to let you know more about them, maybe you can get some nice inspiration out of it as well.

Anyway, I wish you a happy new year, do the things you put on hold in the past year, take chances and evolve with an open mind, that’s what I am going to do!

Greetings from a roof top terrace with the most magnificent view of Istanbul ablaze with fireworks. 🙂



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