Google sharing and gmail auto-complete not working

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As the subject says sometimes it feels like the auto-complete feature in Google Docs and/or Gmail doesn’t really work and at times it can feel very random.

Google Apps logoI have encountered this problem far too many times and I have managed to narrow down my issues with non working auto-complete to a problem with running several Google Apps domains (and most likely with a second regular (non-apps) gmail account aswell). Here’s the skinny:

  • If logged in to and from there accessing Google Docs I can enter a document and it will auto-complete my contact emails just fine when I select the share menu.
  • If I then log into and enter a document the auto-complete from the share menu is completely dead, nothing happens when typing the first, second or third letter of the name. It still works on
  • Closing will not make it work in, I have to close the browser entirely and then start up a new instance of the browser to access, after that it works.

NOTE: In Google Chrome it didn’t even help opening up a new instance of the browser, the old instance had to be shut down first. In Firefox it worked opening up a new instance of the browser to access with working auto-complete.

Hope this helps you to work around this issue aswell!

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