Daylight Saving Time (DST) – Summer time 2011

Every year it is the same procedure with moving the clock forward in spring. And I must admit that it has taken me some time to grasp this concept. After 30+ years on this planet I am now prepared that the clock will have to be adjusted according to daylight saving time (DST). There are several ways to remember this, one is that we are supposed to relate forward to taking out the furniture and the barbeque into the garden, works for me, even though I live in an apartment.

But I still have a problem, the date, I never know when! Well, now I will help myself and several other (I hope I’m not alone in this) confused clock followers of the world, on the last Sunday of March move your clock forward, which means:

On March the 27th 2011 at 0200 (2am) move your clock forward to 0300 (3am)

If you live in Sweden, Denmark or Norway that is. Finland moves it from 0300 (3am)  to 0400 (4am) but in most of Europe the clock is moved from 0100 (1am) to 0200 (2am). Iceland is taking it all a step further and ignores the whole spectacle staying put on UTC / GMT all year.

For more information and lists country by country affected by the DST Daylight Savings Time, check out this article. They have some interesting tidbits on how Russia are trying to reduce their time zones and that they will stay on daylight saving time this year.

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