CRM – Can you help me choose one that suits my needs?

Recently on Quora this question popped up. For those of you who have been following this blog and my posts on LinkedIn you know that I have tried quite a few CRMs in the recent years, I even posted a series of articles and reviews on why we in the current company VisioSign Sverige AB choose Insightly over Project Place and Manymoon (now Salesforce) a few years back.

It is a great CRM and you can try it out for free plus if you’re using Google Apps it plays really nice with your inbox

The point being, I haven’t looked back since. Insightly has been great for us and they have evolved a lot since I first wrote that post through many updates and an attentive attitude towards their users. It is a great CRM and you can try it out for free plus if you’re using Google Apps it plays really nice with your inbox. So, without further ado here is my reply to the question on Quora:

Hi Zachary,

For the last 5 years we have used Insightly (product)  ( with great success. We started out with the free version that is for a maximum of up to 2 users, but we quickly jumped on the paid version that charges 12USD/user/month. On top of the extra users you can add there are some extra functionality added as well which can be seen in their pricing structure.

I actually wrote a blog post / review of Insightly a while back. Even though that version is a bit outdated now.

For me a big upside is that they  have come a long way since the early days. They’re active in providing upgrades and listening to what the community wants and needs. Each time there is something new offered there’s a small notice in top of the CRM explaining the feature with a detailed blog post plus their on going webinars where they also take suggestions as they go along.

It sounds like it could fulfill your demands when it comes to the technical requirements. In our case we use it for everything from customer contact, sales pipelines, project pipelines, activity sets and general support issues.

  • You can export contacts and notes to CSV-files (you can export companies, tasks, projects as well).
  • It has integration with MailChimp (product) but I have not used it in our company, so I can’t say much about it, try it!
  • They have support for custom fields and custom filters, as can be seen in theirInsightly University video (another example of where you can learn more and their customer support).
  • A nice tool where you can get stats of completed tasks and things as opportunity values, reason for loosing opportunities etc.

  • It costs less than 15USD.

Hope that answers some of your questions.

PS. I have no affiliation with Insightly, just a happy customer. 🙂

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