Calvetica review – smart calendar for the iPhone

I have more than 10 different calendars going today, most of them Google Calendars. It’s businesses, birthdays, private, projects and more.  They sync with my iPhone without hassle having used the Mail, Contacts, Calendars configuration and I can honestly say that I had no big complaints about the built in calendar, that is until I tried Calvetica, now I want my wasted time back from Apple!

It wasn’t until I stumbled upon a thread on Quora that I even started to think that there were alternatives to the built in calendar on the iPhone. I really hadn’t gone looking for alternatives to standard features in the phone OS.

There were a few alternatives presented to me and after reading up on the different apps I got my eye on Calvetica. When I first visited their website I was greeted with big letters (hey, I’m not THAT old!), a clear message, good pictures and an offer to try out the free trial on the app-store, that was all it took for me to get on board.

Calvetica monthly overview screenshotI also dig the sense of humour that these developers seem to have, refreshing with someone trying on a different approach, not always going with the standard website presenting you with a lady wearing a headset or a suit dude greeting you with a handshake (honestly, how many of those sites are there?).

As an example I will provide you with a quote from Calveticas feature plan where you can see upcoming features and what they are working on, also something for other devs to take after, cudos!

“You can watch our shoot-from-the-hip development plan by visiting this page. MARVEL, as we make priorities based on our personal whims! CHEER, as we complete mundane tasks! LAUGH, as we attempt to use basic English to describe our evil plans”

OK, on with the show already. Calvetica uses the basic calendar configuration so I really didn’t have to do anything to get my 10 calendars to show up in the app, it was there from the start. One thing that was also there from the start was a very sleek GUI, it looks good, really good! Clean and fluent. But looks aint anything if it doesn’t improve on functionality, Calvetica does this with a bang.

“…it will take you 15 minutes, but it will save you the frustration of trying to learn adding stuff when on the go and/or not having the time.”

You have to change the way you think when adding new appointments, the order of things are quite different but way more efficient than the the standard calendar app. Sit down with Calvetica and go through the different options and what you can do, it will take you 15 minutes, but it will save you the frustration of trying to learn adding stuff when on the go and/or not having the time. You’ll get these 15 minutes back after adding about five appointments, it’s that smart.

Calvetica add event screenshotInstead of tapping the + icon in the top right of the standard calendar presenting you with a basic boring form you:

  1. Click on the time you want to add the appointment to from the standard view. Instantly you are presented with minutes to add to that time. So if you pressed 0900 you get a small popup with 5, 10, 15 minutes etc
  2. After this you type in the name of the meeting, still on the same standard view.
  3. Set the reminder by using a small popup presenting you with 30, 1hr, 2hrs etc…
  4. …and after this you get to choose which calendar you want to add it to. Wham! You’re done.

It’s hard to describe really, the best way I can say it is that it never really leaves the standard calendar view, which makes it feel very effective when adding appointments. Changing monthly views, years and calendar shows smooth calm transition effects that never gets in the way. Tip: Tilt the phone to view a really nice looking weekly summary.

Calvetica horizontal view screenshot

I won’t go on, try it! They have a free version for you and after 15 minutes of that you will buy it for 2.99USD / 22SEK.

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