Analytiks – Google Analytics iOS app with visual flair

Graphs and pretty icons everywhere in Analytiks!
Graphs and pretty icons everywhere in Analytiks!

The other day I came across Analytiks, an iOS app that connects to your Google Analytics account and works visual magic on your visitors stats.

Installation and connecting it to your Google-account works a breeze and it even supports two-step verification. What will strike you when you first start it up is that this one really does look the part. Just check out the image to the right, good stuff!

As you might know I did a review of the mobile Google Analytics apps Analytics Pro and Quicklytics that I used (which I still use, mind you) a while back. While I haven’t really gone into any depths with Analytiks I do think it is the one that looks most visually pleasing to me. I might get back to you with a full review in the future, in the meantime, check it out, it’s free and here are the specs!

  • Up to 8 sites in the free version (+8 if you pay the in-app fee of 0,99USD)
  • Sexy InfoGraphics
  • OAuth 2.0 support
  • Export graphs to photo roll, social media and email
  • iPhone 5 support with both white and black colour schemes
  • Sexy InfoGraphics (I know I said it twice)

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