myPhoneDesktop Review – Call contacts on your iPhone from your desktop

I call plenty of people during a day and many of the times I am seated in front of my computer and  a CRM-system like Insightly for example. I always felt a bit frustrated having the customer details displayed on screen but then I also needed to type that phone number in manually on my iPhone, it seemed like alot (ok ok, alot is perhaps the wrong word) of extra work.

That’s not the only issue I had. I can’t even count the times where I have sent myself an email containing images, text and/or an URL so that I can access it later on my phone. It’s time consuming and creates a mess in my inbox! So I started to look for a way to make my desktop work more like an electronic switchboard, I click on the number and my iPhone dials it and when I click on a text I get the option to send it to my phone.

At first I went about looking for an entire CRM-system that had this feature but I was sceptical to this idea from the get go since the one we have now is way to good to let go off. I then started looking for a more universal approach and I found the myPhoneDesktop application for the iPhone.

How it works:

myPhoneDesktop phone GUI screenshot
The phone side of the GUI

The myPhoneDesktop is available as in iPhone app (unfortunately no Android version right now) and that app needs to have a desktop or web client installed on your computer in order for the actual transfer of info to work. The desktop version is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and also as a web client (with some limitations). When starting up the iPhone app for the first time you are asked to create an account with the usual criteria such as a username and password. After that you start the desktop version and log in using that info, voila, you will now get push notifications from the desktop!

The desktop application makes it possible for you to type or paste text, URLs and images and then you select if you only want to send it to the phone or if you also wants to copy it to the iPhone clipboard. This makes it very easy for you to just paste the copied text into an email or document. What you do with the information that you send to the phone is up to you, using the now familiar iPhone arrow (the one used to forward email for example) to Send By Email, Search with Google, Assign to New Contact etc etc, it’s all very intuitive.


myPhoneDesktop default actions available.
For every type of information you can assign a default action.

Now you may think to yourself; “Erik is getting sidetracked here, his main reason for this quest was to get his phone to dial numbers straight from the desktop, what’s up with that?”. I am getting there! As I mentioned above you can send the text and do certain things with it once it has landed on your phone, even though that is all good, it is not good enough. I want my phone to instantly make a call to the number I sent, so I can start talking using my headset, without lifting my hands!

I am delighted to say that myPhoneDesktop does that too! You can set the default action for every type of information be it text, images or what really got me here, a phone number. So if you set the default action to call, it will call the number you paste into the desktop application on your phone as soon as it has arrived. There are a bunch of default actions depending on the type of content you send including SMS, Add to tasks, Add to instapaper, Skype and more.

Another smart thing is that you can send stuff to your phone using keyboard shortcuts, so if I see a number I want to dial or a text I want on my phone I can select it and just click CTRL+v+v and a few seconds later it’s in my phone.

myPhoneDesktop using the bookmarklet screenshot
Using the bookmarklet in Chrome.

There’s also a bookmarklet that you can install on your browsers toolbar that takes a more point and click approach to all those of you who don’t like keyboard shortcuts. If you’re at a website you want to send or if you have selected a quote on a website you can instead of pressing CTRL+v+v just click the “Send to iPhone” button in your browsers bookmark toolbar (or wherever you may install it). Please note that the web client (including bookmarklet) does not seem to support auto calling phone numbers. This is something that the developer is aware of and it will most likely show up in later versions.


  • Very intuitive, select text, phone number, URL or picture and click CTRL+v+v to send to your iPhone
  • Many customization settings with default actions (auto call, auto search etc)
  • Easy registration process and installation
  • Active developer and support forum, listening to suggestions and adding to pipeline
  • Saves me alot of extra typing!


  • Sometimes the push notifications don’t get through to the iPhone, nothing happens and the info stays queued up
  • No two-way sync with Google contacts for the desktop app (not even one way really, only VCF import)

[box type=”info”]Info about this product:

Product Website


iTunes (4.99USD / 38SEK)

Platforms: iPhone, Windows, MacOS X, Linux and web[/box]

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