Eager to replace my Plantronics headset with the Urbanista Rio Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Every other month I need to replace my headset. It is annoying, you find one with good sound, a microphone and characteristics that you like, give it some time and that headset will fall apart. I use a headset almost all the time, commuting, at the office, walking, at the gym, there’s no end to it. So they do suffer some wear and tear and I think that is where the problem is. The cable or the connector to the phone is usually the first place where they fail.

It sounds quite obvious I guess, but I came to this conclusion quite recently, mostly because I am quite sceptic when it comes to wireless headsets.

  1. I feel sound quality suffers quite a bit
  2. Range
  3. Battery (Both headset and phone)
  4. Connecting, pairing, connecting

After my latest headset broke down I decided that this can’t go on. That headset was the Urbanista Rio which I really liked, especially due to it’s silicon inlay in your ear that makes it stay in place practically all the time. And since it was many years ago since I had my latest bad experience with wireless (Bluetooth) so I figured that now the technology had matured, I need to take the plunge!

I read some reviews, looking for a headset with good sound quality (walking a lot, listening to music), a microphone (customers, resellers etc) and alright battery times. One day I stumbled into Teknikmagasinet in Sweden, just browsing their wireless headset section I found the Plantronics Backbeat GO2 bluetooth headset. Felt it up, looked at some online reviews, talked to the cashier, it all seemed good. It even had a silicon fixation thingy, much like the Urbanista Rio I mentioned earlier, or so I hoped.

Plantronics Backbeat GO2 - Silicone Inlays
The silicone fixation inlay that just doesn’t work for me. They regularly pop out.

The headset promises 4-5 hours battery life and I would say that is quite accurate. There’s some android woman in the headset who informs you when the battery level is high, medium or low, which is quite cool. She’s also the one talking to you while you pair or connect your headset. Setup was simple and everything worked as expected. I started to run in to issues when using several devices with the headset such as iPhone, iPad and Macbook. Switching the connection between these units sometimes worked sometimes not, which made me do a re-pair and then it worked again. But it is quite annoying…

They provide some change in the way that you are used to interact with your phone while on a wired headset. For example instead of clicking twice on the “action” button on the original iPhone headset here you press and hold the volume up button to change songs. While it does work, the behaviour of clicking twice is quite deeply rooted. Right now I do prefer holding volume up and that also leaves room for other commands on the other buttons.

Sound quality is good. The bass is full without taking over the treble and middle registers too much, BUT, this is when you manage to get the headset to fit correctly in your ears. As with many headsets they ship three different types of ear plugs to make sure they fit, PLUS they also have some kind of silicone thingy that is supposed to assist in this whole procedure. Well, it doesn’t, I’ve been constantly looking like an idiot (alright, more so than usual. ;)) at the gym or whenever I’m moving around. Since they often fall out I try correcting my headsets silicone things and push them even further in, fearing for my own health. In this case it is a useless solution for my ears.

Probably not a good idea to try this at home - So wait until April 2015 and you can get your genuine Urbanista wireless headset! :)
Probably not a good idea to try this at home – So wait until April 2015 and you can get your genuine Urbanista Rio wireless headset! 🙂

The Urbanista headphones I wrote about earlier, they perfect this, the headphones stay in their place and it is so simple, but elegant. Best headphone fit I ever had, with one downside, the wires…

…I contacted Urbanista and told them why I loved their wired headsets and asked why they did not have a wireless one. Well, as it turns out, they are releasing a wireless version of  the Urbanista headset in April / May (-ish)!!! Needless to say, I am looking forward to this! Will keep you posted as soon  as I get my hands on them. 🙂


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